Sunday, March 2, 2008

Self -Worth

Another Precious Thought to ponder : "The value of self-worth is having confidence in who you are without conforming to the expectations of other people." Click Here!

Words & Music by Shauna Simmonds

All the things that you should be
It’s not you You wear your insecurities
Weight of the world on your shoulders
Storm comes you try to break free
Everything is twisting
Everythign is turning
Fallin’ Tossed by the wind

Voices are all around
Try to bring me down
Mirror starring back don’t tell me that
Before I came to be I was made complete
And now I know who I am

Elastic band pulled out again
Fragile to words – incomplete
Tried everything to hold together
Like a freight train you’re stopping it still
But the glass breaks
House shakes – you’re desperate for more and
The pieces are falling right through

Know me
Find me still
Surround me
Lead me on

--- Precious Thoughts ----


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